W-script Wallpaper Script


W-script premium wallpaper script is back!

Translating W-script Wallpaper Script

You are ask­ing how it is pos­si­ble to trans­late W-script Wall­pa­per Script. Well, it is really easy. This is what I use:

1) open your instal­la­tion of W-Script Wall­pa­per Script in FTP client (I use SmartFTP)
2) go to language/english.php
3) down­load this file to your machine
4) open it in a text edi­tor, I use PSPad
5) replace eng­lish strings with desired lan­guage strings

note: It is not needed to trans­late every­thing, start­ing with it, trans­late just core strings vis­i­ble on home­page, e.g. admin­is­tra­tion can be in EN, no prob­lem — but if you have time and want to work, why not

6) upload it back
7) reload (F5) your page in browser to see changes
FINALLY: we shared the whole script with you, so share the trans­lated file with us, please!


W-script Wallpaper Script Screenshot

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