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W-script premium wallpaper script is back!

Detailed w-script installation instructions

Hav­ing prob­lems installing w-script? Read this.

!!Some parts here is from per­sonal expe­ri­ence only and may be wrong due to the lack of proper doc­u­men­ta­tion, if you know bet­ter please comment

First of all, down­load lat­est w-script ver­sion, there should be large green but­ton some­where in this page.

Unzip the package.

Fire up your favorite FTP client, if you don’t have one, I’d sug­gest using FileZilla, install and usage instruc­tions are on their site.
Upload all the files from folder wscript to your host.
The uplouad takes a few min­utes, so mean­while go to your host’s CPanel (usu­ally yourdomain.com/cpanel) Find the sec­tion Data­bases there and click on MySQL® Data­base wizard.

In the next win­dow enter the data­base name, in this exam­ple it will be “walls” click next.
There you enter data­base user name and pass­word, I usu­ally use the same name I used for the data­base, so user name is “walls” too. enter pass­word twice, click “Crate user”.
In next win­dow you will see this text:

Added user “hellkern_walls” with pass­word “Your­Pass­word”.
Step 3: Add User to the Data­base
User: hellkern_walls
Data­base: hellkern_walls

(instead of “hel­lk­ern” there will be your data­base prefix)

Now !!Impor­tant select “All Priv­i­leges” and click next.

There is text:

Step 4: Com­plete the task
User hellkern_walls was added to the data­base hellkern_walls.

Go back to your FTP client, the file trans­fer should be fin­ished now, if not wait for a bit.
Make sure you chmod all the nec­es­sary files cor­rectly. Use this tuto­r­ial.

Go to yourwebsite.com and the instal­la­tion screen should appear.

Field name / What to enter there
Host­name / leave it al “local­host” , if it does not work use “ftp.yourwebsite.com” or other link, if your host­ing pro­vided one.
Data­base name / Your DB name, in this exam­ple “hellkern_walls“
Data­base User / Your DB user, in this exam­ple “hellkern_walls“
Data­base Pass­word / DB pass­word, in this exam­ple “Your­Pass­word“
Data­base Pre­fix / DB pre­fix, in this exam­ple “hellkern_”

Admin Pser­name / Your user name
Admin Pass­word / Your Pass­word. Use at least 8–9 char­ac­ters, may cause errors if too short (not tested)
Admin Email / Your email
Site Name / Your site name, keep it short, 3–4 words is enough, may cause errors if too long (not tested)
Site Slo­gan / Your site slo­gan, keep it short, 5–6 words is enough, may cause errors if too long (not tested)
(Will add screen­shot with prop­erly filled install form later)

And this is a screen­shot of  form with some mistakes:


Try to guess how many are there :D

Press “Per­form instal­la­tion” if every­thing is ok, you should get text like “delete instal­la­tion folder to con­tinue”, if not make sure you did all the steps exactly as writ­ten here. If thete is still error please post a screen­shot of it in the Sup­port Forum.
Delete folder “install” from your host.

(Optional, use only if you wan’t usee SEO friendly url’s and rank bet­ter in search engines)
Once instal­la­tion is fin­ished log in to your web­site, go to Manage->Site Set­tings
In there go to Set­tings tab, cose to the bot­tom there are a set­ting “Enable mod_rewrite”. Choose yes and click save.
Now this will prob­a­bly mess up the whole site, but don’t worry, here is a fix: go to your FTP client and delete file .htac­cess (You might need to enable “Show Hid­den Files” set­ing in your FTP client to see it)
Open the folder “wscript” you downloaded/unzipped ear­lier, take file _htaccess, copy it to your host and rename as .htac­cess there. !!Impor­tant Make sure the new .htac­cess is CHmod­ded as 644, or you might just get hacked..

I hope this helped, if you have any sug­ges­tions or ques­tions please com­ment.

W-script is back!

After the old site was hacked and every­thing gone, W-script wall­pa­per PHP script is back again! We will post here on this blog every­thing needed. Please, be patient, sure we will grow but get time to it is hard… What does the script do?

Web based installation

You don’t have to be a pro­gram­mer to take advan­tage of this wall­pa­per script. We included a step by step web based instal­la­tion for you. The whole process is easy as 1, 2, 3 and with just a few mouse clicks you will be up and run­ning in no time.

Unlim­ited cat­e­gories and subcategories

Add to W-script wall­pa­per script as many cat­e­gories and sub­cat­e­gories you wish. We’ve tested it at over 100k+ and W-script han­dled every­thing smooth and fast.

Tag cloud navigation

By enabling this fea­ture in W-script wall­pa­per script you can allow your vis­i­tors to nav­i­gate between wall­pa­pers helped by a cloud of words/tags con­tain­ing the most used key­words on your site. This one goes to web2.0 once again and user experience.

User sta­tis­tics

Attract your vis­i­tors to reg­is­ter and sub­mit wall­pa­pers by dis­play­ing advanced user stats based on rat­ing and contribution.

Ajax search

Yes! Live ajax search in W-script. No rea­son to force them to type, sub­mit browse etc. until they find the results. W-script responds instantly with results based on what you type in the search box.

Slick design

W-script is as fast as you can get. It fea­tures an advanced lay­out struc­ture by apply­ing many CSS tricks to put your pages on turbo. Ben­e­fit from dozens of effects and impress your visitors.

Auto­matic resize

That’s right! For­get about that ugly night­mare where you have to resize the pic­tures and then upload. W-script does that auto­mat­i­cally! It even detects the type of your pic­ture (wide, nor­mal) and does the resize based on that. No ratio bro­ken! Nada!

Advanced cus­tomiza­tion

Well here’s some­thing unique and fun. Offer your vis­i­tors the posi­bil­ity to cus­tomize their wall­pa­pers by adding col­orized bor­ders, text effects with advanced cus­tomiza­tion options. This will really keep them book­mark­ing your wall­pa­per site and boost your hits really FAST!

Ajax star rating

W-script comes with an impres­sive rat­ing sys­tem based on ajax. No more refreshes, thank you mes­sages on the next page and so on… just “click and thank you”! As sim­ple as that.

Browse by size

By offer­ing your vis­i­tors the pos­si­bil­ity to nav­i­gate based on sizes you can bet they will spend much more time on your web­site and, most likely, the will revisit you more often.

Advanced search

Offer them the pos­si­bil­ity to cre­ate advanced searches based on their browser mea­sures, cat­e­gories and keywords.


W-script Wallpaper Script Screenshot

W-script: The Full Featured Wallpaper Site Creator Script

It takes min­utes to setup and start earn­ing money from your new web­site. If you need a seri­ous script to man­age your wall­pa­per site like a PRO then W-script wall­pa­per script is the right solu­tion, in front of the aver­age com­pe­ti­tion with giant steps.