W-script Wallpaper Script


W-script premium wallpaper script is back!

How to install W-script

CHMOD Set­tings

CHMOD to 777 the fol­low­ing files and directories:

  • settings.php,
  • watermark.php,
  • uploads,
  • uploads/custom,
  • uploads/wallpapers,
  • uploads/bulk,
  • uploads/watermark,
  • system/cache,
  • temp,
  • system/smarty/templates_c,
  • system/logs

Sim­ply upload the files to your des­ti­na­tion folder and point it in your browser after that. The instal­la­tion page will wel­come you.

Cron Set­tings

In order for the script to work cor­rectly by updat­ing the stats, clear the cache and other tasks you will need to set up a cron job from your con­trol panel. The job must run at every 3 hours and call the fol­low­ing page:


Zend Opti­mizer 3.xx

Con­tact your host­ing com­pany to find out if you have Zend Opti­mizer installed on your host, and if it is above v.3.00. W-script ver­sions from 2.02 require it.


W-script Wallpaper Script Screenshot

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